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Data Breaches - What You and the Government Should Do

By Arleena Faith

To victims of Identity Theft, the Equifax incident is a reminder that Cybercrime will continue growing unless our regulators put a hard stop to it. The more people to follow the five cautionary steps described in the article, the more likely that our government and the Financial Industry will acknowledge the seriousness of the situation, its impact to our economy, and take action. At this point--and with approximately 143 million people involved in the giant data breach--getting a “credit-freeze” should be next in everyone’s list.

A Dangerous Game - Reflecting On the Equifax Breach

By Tin Zaw

Recent news about the cybersecurity incident at Equifax resulting in loss of confidential data of 143 million American consumers has made both mainstream media and Twittersphere gone wild with various opinions, debates, discussions and how-to’s. Are we playing with fire? Tin Zaw from Verizon Digital Media Services shares his thoughts.