Improving the Enterprise InfoSec Prospecting Process: Atlanta CISOs Share Their Perspective

By Justin Daniels

The Atlanta metro region is home to the second highest density of Fortune 1000s in the U.S. and a deep cybersecurity ecosystem. Several CISOs who manage the security needs for some of the country's most prominent corporations share their advice for how cyber startups can improve their prospects of selling to the enterprise.

Listen to Paul San Soucie And Learn About The Many Social Media Cyberthreats That Schools And Universities Face

In this 3-part interview series, Paul San Soucie and Sean Martin explore the connected world of law enforcement and social media and the cyberthreats that course throughout them.

Innocence Meets Experience: My Unlikely Encounter with CyberSecurity

As an outsider to the industry and a "mere user" of technology, roaming illustrating reporter Lisa Chu, felt both ill-equipped and thirsty for empowerment when it comes to the impact of CyberSecurity on our daily lives. In this ITSPmagazine chronicle, Lisa explores both the culture and impact of the RSA Conference 2017 sessions, presentations, and hacker communities on our society.

Diversity And The Art Of Cybersecurity | A Live Experts Panel At RSAC | Recap

Selena Templeton provides an overview of what was discussed in this live panel covering diversity and the need to remove bias from the field of cybersecurity which was streamed from the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center in San Francisco.

Sean’s Picks for RSAC 2017 – Cybersecurity Education Takes Center Stage

RSAC 2017 is coming – and The Academy wants you to know our top picks for those seeking the latest in cybersecurity education, innovation, and resources. Learn about RSAC’s unveiling of AdvancedU, CyberSafety Village, and more…

Tim’s Picks for RSAC 2017 – Human Centric Security

At this year’s RSA Conference, Tim Brown will not only be looking for the best in new technology, he'll also be looking for examples of how bringing the human factor into the equation is improving security, reducing risk and improving society. These are his picks for what to attend.