Will Blockchain Be Or Not Be The Big Wave To Ride

By Sean Martin

Guests: Simon Harman | Anthony Stevens
Host: Sean Martin

Blockchain — a topic that still gets a lot of attention, even if it seems to be overplayed in the media, the workplace, and in the venture world. So what is it, does it actually provide value, and is there a place for it? Listen in to hear Simon Harman, project lead for the Loki project, and Anthony Stevens, Founder and CEO of Digital Asset Ventures, give their take on why blockchain will—or won’t—be the next big wave of technology deployment in the near future.

History and Interesting Facts About Bug Bounties | An AppSec USA 2017 Panel Recap

By Sean Martin, host of At The Edge

During a panel at OWASP AppSec USA 2017, Cassio Goldschmidt, Sean Melia, Michael Stoker, and Michael Gallagher shared their expertise and unique perspectives on when, how, and why to consider a bug bounty program as part of an overall application security program. These are the highlights.

Moderating a Bug Bounty Panel During AppSec USA 2017 ... and More

By Sean Martin, host of At The Edge,

In addition to moderating a panel on bug bounty programs, ITSPmagazine's editor-in-chief, Sean Martin, will also be covering some of the OWASP AppSec USA 2017 sessions, looking for application security trends and anomalies as they arrive at the intersection of IT security and society.