WISP and ITSPmagazine: A conversation with Co-Founder Elena Elkina

By Selena Templeton & Sean Martin

Today’s episode is a special one: We have a fun chat with Elena Elkina, co-founder of Women In Security And Privacy (WISP), to kick off and introduce ITSPmagazine’s strategic partnership with WISP! In this short conversation, we get to know a bit about Elena (she’s a partner with Aleada Consulting), the organization (a non-profit whose mission is to advance, advocate for, and increase participation of women in the Privacy and Information Security fields), and why we decided to partner with each other.

Women in Security: Breaking Down Barriers to the Board

IOActive, Equal Respect and WISP presented this morning networking event to help senior-level women in security strategize the next stage in their career by targeting and sitting on a board. ITSPmagazine was there in full force to support the movement and capture the moment.