Ted Harrington

You Are Number Six! I Am Not A Number! I Am A Free Device! — The Importance Of Identity In The Connected World

By Sean Martin

Guests: Emily Miller | Ted Harrington | Dean Weber
Host: Sean Martin

In today's episode, I connect with Emily, Dean, and Ted, we look at the current state of security in IT, OT, IoT, and ICS — and the connections between these different environments.

Together, we explore how identity plays a critical role in ensuring a safe environment that can be traced to specific sensors, devices networks, and people. And, with the massive numbers of things hitting the market—and our society—we attempt to answer the question surrounding our ability (or lack thereof) to scale the controls and protections to minimize—or perhaps even eliminate—undue exposure to risk introduced by these things.

Managing the Risk Associated with Insider Threats | With Ted Harrington

The internal threat is a real adversary who can do significant damage to most organizations. Ted Harrington, Executive Partner at Independent Security Evaluators, explains how by understanding the distinctions between the different types of internal adversaries, organizations can design and implement an effective suite of defenses to counter each type of foe.

ISE and ITSPmagazine Announce Charitable Giving Campaign To Raise the Bar for Information Security

By Sean Martin and Marco Ciappelli

At ITSPmagazine, we aim to make a difference in the community and society as a whole. We try to do this in many ways, and through our media partnership with Independent Security Evaluators, we have yet another opportunity to achieve this goal.

RSAC 2018 | Have you heard about BEHAVIORAL E-MANIPULATION yet? A conversation with Ted Harrington and Dr. Kostas

By Marco Ciappelli | Co-Host Sean Martin
A conversation with Ted Harrington and Dr. Kostas Triantafillou

This conversation happened in San Francisco during RSA Conference 2018, and to be more specific it was recorded in the SandBoxes. If you hear some background noise, it is because people got really, really excited there!

Have you heard about BEHAVIORAL E-MANIPULATION yet? 
Well, you are about to learn about it.

IoT Security Explained | Because This IoT Connected Society Is Not Just Unicorns Pooping Rainbows

By Marco Ciappelli
A Conversation with Dr. Ted Harrington

Let’s start with a simple fact: a lot of people love technology.

We are fascinated, intrigued, and mesmerized by it; we have always been. We want the latest gadget; we want to plug it in, see the lights turn on, and discover how great it is. The problem nowadays is that more and more of these new gadgets need an electric plug and an Internet connection – and while this raises the level of its awesomeness, it also complicates things A LOT.

I started this column called The Cyber Society to make a point about the fact that we are already living in a connected world and that we need to stop ignoring it or pretend that is not affecting us, because it is – and it’s not just unicorns pooping rainbows.

Are We Selling - And Therefore Buying - Information Security Wrong?

Rick McElroy from Carbon Black and Ted Harrington from Independent Security Evaluators sit down with ITSPmagazine's Sean Martin to discuss threat modeling, infosec planning, cutting through the marketing noise, the need to trust but verify, the value of assess and measure, and how critical it is to focus on the things that matter.