An ERP Privacy Cost Analysis: Data Value vs Data Liability

By Sean Martin

Sean Martin chats with Larry Harrington of The IIA and Raytheon, and Juan Perez-Etchegoyen of Onapsis about privacy, which is not an IT issue, it’s a business issue. Since GDPR, the customer has the upper hand in many cases, and because of this, privacy extends beyond pure business operations and into the world of ethics and morals. There’s a lot packed into this podcast!

ERP Risk Management: Don't Rock the Cradle?

By Sean Martin, host of At The Edge and An InfoSec Life

During Black Hat USA, ITSPmagazine's Sean Martin had a chance to connect with Alex Horan from Onapsis. The two had an informative conversation surrounding the risks associated with critical business systems such as those found in the world of enterprise resource planning (ERP).

Alex Horan Describes The Risks Small And Medium Business Face Using Cloud-Based Systems

During this interview with Alex Horan, Director of Product Management for Onapsis, we discuss the fact that small and medium sized business are a target as a category…the risk is real and the results of a successful cyberattack could be catastrophic to their business.

Alex Horan Discusses The Challenges With Auditing And GDPR As It Relates To ERP Systems

Why is it important to audit and meet compliance for your ERP systems? Alex Horan chats with ITSPmagazine's Sean Martin as he describes some of the requirements for meeting compliance, using the Global Data Protection Regulation as a model for purposes of discussion.