Marco Ciappelli

Is Telemedicine The Future Of Health Care? A Psychological And Sociological Point Of View | With Dr. Ryan Louie

By Marco Ciappelli
A conversation with Dr. Ryan Louie.

In this part 1 of our two-part podcast we talk about telemedicine from a psychological, and societal perspective, starting right from the beginning: the definition of the term. 

For Dr. Ryan, the appropriate general definition of telemedicine is “any type of technology that can connect patients with the care that they need for their health.” I have thought about this for a whole five minutes, and I couldn’t come up with something simpler and yet effective than this.

ISSA Los Angeles Summit XI | A conversation with Richard Greenberg

By Marco Ciappelli

On the last day of ISSA Los Angeles Summit XI, I had the pleasure to chat about this event, the present status of cybersecurity, the plans for the future, and few others interesting topics with Mr. Richard Greenberg. We had this conversation while enjoying the view of the Santa Monica beaches from the deck of the gorgeous Annenberg Community Beach House, where this year summit was held for the first time - after outgrowing the original UCLA location and the Universal City Hilton.

I think I can say that this fantastic group of volunteers are doing something right.

Social Engineering. The Past. The Present. The Future. | With Jenny Radcliffe

By Marco Ciappelli
A conversation with Jenny Radcliffe.

In this podcast I am having a fun — and, hopefully, educational — conversation with my favorite social engineer from Liverpool, Jenny Radcliffe — also know as The People Hacker.

In this first, of many, conversation, we talk about her and about social engineering: the past, present and future of it. For starters, she defines herself as "a life long social engineer" and a "non-technical one," which means that she specializes in the psychology side of it and all that has to do with the so-called human factor — aka, the way the earthlings think, act and react.

Let’s talk about Psybersecurity, with Dr. Ryan Louie

By Marco Ciappelli
A conversation with Dr. Ryan K. Louie, M.D., Ph.D.  Psychiatrist

“Psybersecurity” when technology, security and safety cross the boundaries and become an integral part of our perception of human security.

I invite you to listen to this podcast, and to do so I am going to use Ryan’s own words: “As the world of devices and technology becomes increasingly connected with human users, the security of each becomes one and the same.”

Chats on the Road to RSA Conference 2019 | Cybersecurity Futures 2025 | With Dawn Thomas and Alan Cohn

By Marco Ciappelli | Co-Host Sean Martin

Well, let’s start with something we should all know by now: Cybersecurity is a global issue. How could it be otherwise considering that technology has connected all of us? Literally connected. It is not just a matter of communication between people far away or making distances much shorter; we are talking about connecting all of us in a way that we would not have thought possible a few decades ago. 

The decisions we are making today about technology interacting with humans are going to affect our society in 2025 and way beyond that time. 

The Status of Cybersecurity in Italy and the Influence of Cyberspace on the International System's Stability, Peace and Security

By Marco Ciappelli
A conversation with Dr. Luigi Martino | Head of The Center for Cyber Security and International Relations Studies at the Department of Political Science Cesare Alfieri of the University of Florence

Is it still possible to keep addressing cybersecurity only from a technological approach? We both agreed that the answer is clearly NO.  It is not only inconvenient and inefficient, but also dangerous. 

Prevention Is Always Better Than Reaction When It Comes To Safety. Cybersecurity Is No Different, But What To Do If You Become A Victim Of Cybercrime?

By Marco Ciappelli
A conversation with Kristin Judge | CEO/President of the Cybercrime Support Network

It seems to me that we have a long way to go before the general population and small businesses become aware of the very likely risk of becoming victims of cybercrime. While there are many things that can be done to reduce the risk — the “100% safe” scenario is a myth — we certainly cannot expect (at this time) that someone or something is going to take those steps for us.

Cybersecurity as a Branding Value for Companies. It is not a cost, it is an investment.

By Marco Ciappelli
A conversation with Sarah Squire Senior Technical Architect at Ping Identity

Times have changed quite a bit since cybersecurity wasn’t even a word. Now it is most definitely a thing, a problem, a cost, and also a value. 

The fact that cybersecurity sounds boring and the fact that it is mostly perceived as a cost doesn’t help your chance for success.

But is that true?

A Conversation About The Importance Of Volunteering In The Cybersecurity Community

By Marco Ciappelli | Co-host Selena Templeton
A conversation with Kathleen Smith

On this conversation Selena Templeton will help me dig into a subject that is very dear to Kathleen: the importance of volunteering in the cybersecurity community as an opportunity for learning new technical and non-technical skills that benefit personal growth and support career advancement.

Volunteering is good for the people who do it and for the company that supports it.

January 28 is Data Privacy Day. The remaining 364 days of the year are Data Privacy Days

By Marco Ciappelli | Co-host Sean Martin
A conversation with NCSA Executive Director Kelvin Coleman

What’s the title of today’s story?

Data Privacy Day 2019 Reminds Businesses and Consumers About the Value of Personal Data and the Need to Protect It

In this new era of privacy, the National Cyber Security Alliance will underscore the value of personal information by informing businesses about the critical need to respect consumer privacy and safeguard data.

Cyber Insurance For Individuals Is Coming. Will It Make People More Or Less Secure?

By Marco Ciappelli | Co-host Sean Martin
A conversation with Howard A. Miller and Sandra Lollino

We discuss the consequences of a cyberattack on individuals and families as it goes way beyond the material financial damage, and we wonder if the option of enrolling in cyber insurance protection is going to help increase cyber awareness or make it worse and further numb us all?

Once Upon A Time A Group Of Cybersecurity Experts Met At The World Economic Forum

By Marco Ciappelli
A conversation with Ted Harrington | Executive Partner at ISE and organizer of the @IoT Village

What is this conversation about? 

It is about the World Economic Forum and it is about cybersecurity, which is now officially recognized as one of the top 5 global threats. 140 participants representing about 90 organizations and 25 nations spent two days together discussing how the cybersecurity challenge could be addressed and resolved as a cross-border issue, with no nationality.

A Few Philosophical Thoughts About Artificial Intelligence: An Ancient Wish To Forge The Gods?

By Marco Ciappelli | Co-Host Sean Martin
A conversation with Ariel Herbert-Voss

Computer science, philosophy, psychology, sociology, cognitive science, neuroscience, and many more disciplines are needed to prepare our future with AI. Because we cannot hide behind a pointing finger and say machine did it; that would mean that we, humans, did it.

In my humble opinion, Artificial Intelligence is fundamentally an extension of humanity and an evolution of the state of being human.

Cybersecurity awareness and education are not just for a month, they are forever | A conversation with Jeff Wilbur

By Marco Ciappelli
A conversation with Jeff Wilbur
Director of the Online Trust Alliance Initiative at the Internet Society

This conversation happened during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and while it is an extra incentive for many, Jeff and I agreed that there’s no such thing as a bad month, day or hour to talk about cybersecurity awareness and education.

We spoke about the past, the present, and the future of our cyber-connected lives, how things have changed, especially with the advent of the Internet of Things and the massive adoption by industries and consumers, and what consumers can and should do to be safer online.

Should we just roll the dice or plan our AI-embedded future?
 A conversation with Dr. Ayesha Khanna

By Marco Ciappelli
A conversation with Dr. Ayesha Khanna
Recorded in Singapore during RSA Conference APJ 2018

This is a conversation with Dr. Ayesha Khanna, right after her closing keynote at RSA Conference 2018 APJ during the The Hugh Thompson Show: Artificial Intelligence APJ Style. Even Sophia — Hanson Robotics’ latest and most advanced robot to date and a cultural icon — was part of that panel, but to be honest, at this stage I would rather talk about Artificial Intelligence with those of my kind. For the time being.

BSides Las Vegas Number Ten - Flip That Vinyl One More Time | A conversation with Jack Daniel

By Marco Ciappelli, host of The Cyber Society

As you can tell we were not in a hurry to publish the large amount of content created during our Las Vegas coverage. Instead, we decided to pace  ourselves and give you the time to appreciate all the conversations we had.

This one was recorded by me and Sean Martin after we went to see what was going on at BSides and ran into the conference’s Co-Founder Jack Daniel.

Learning about Hire Ground at Bsides Las Vegas 2018 | A conversation with Kathleen Smith

By Marco Ciappelli, host of The Cyber Society

A conversation with Kathleen Smith | HIRE Ground Director

During Hackers Summer Camp, back In August, Sean Martin and I spoke with HIRE GROUND’s Director Kathleen Smith at BSIDES Las Vegas, to learn what makes this cybersecurity community event so special and so effective.

No adults without kids Supervision, at r00tz AsylumThe future of cybersecurity is looking good.

By Marco Ciappelli | Co-Host Sean Martin

A podcast recorded at r00tz Asylum | DefCon 26
with John Johnson, Nico Sell, Sean Martin, instructors, parents and kids.

What if some kids' dream is to be a hacker when they grow up?

How would you feel about that?
Are you smiling or freaking out?

Are you imagining a bunch of faceless hooded figures crouched over computers in dark rooms doing all sorts of illegal cyber activities while green fluorescent binary codes drip down like blood over laughing skulls painted on the walls behind them?

If this is the case, then you should freak out; I would too, but just like you, by imagining that I would be wrong.

How the CyberSecurity industry created the weakest link | A very short story

By Marco Ciappelli
A conversation with myself.

For years this industry has been selling pills that are supposed to "make the users un-hackable and made a lot of money selling those.

When the pill didn't work as advertised, the finger was re-pointed towards the users because they should have taken the pill AND make some lifestyle change. They are the reason why the medicine is not working, they are the weakest link.

The User Is The Weakest Link In CyberSecurity! Or, Is It?

By Marco Ciappelli | Co-host Sean Martin
A conversation with Shira Rubinoff

How many time have we heard the tale of the lazy, careless and ignorant technology user?

“Humans are the reason why cybersecurity solutions do not work! We need to make solutions that protect the users without the users being involved in the process. Because as usual they will F it up!” Really?

Nice try, sales and marketing team.

Deflate your ego, cybersecurity team.