Minorities Hold More Master’s Degrees But Less Leadership Roles

By Selena Templeton, host of DiverseIT

David Shearer of (ISC)2 Inc. and Julian Waits of ICMCP chat with ITSPmagazine’s Selena Templeton for Diverse IT about a recent industry study on the lack of diversity in cybersecurity.

Juliet Okafor Tells Us What Can Be Done To Improve Diversity And Remove Entry Obstacles In Cybersecurity

By Selena Templeton, host of DiverseIT

ITSPmagazine’s Selena Templeton chats with ICMCP Strategic Advisory Board Member Juliet Okafor about what they’re doing to further minorities’ academic and professional success in cybersecurity.

Diversity And The Art Of Cybersecurity | A Live Experts Panel At RSAC | Recap

Selena Templeton provides an overview of what was discussed in this live panel covering diversity and the need to remove bias from the field of cybersecurity which was streamed from the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center in San Francisco.