Managing Risk At Non-Profits - A Healthy Perspective | With Michael Parisi

There are many challenges that non-profits face and a number of standards they must follow; however, this does not excuse them from having the appropriate security and privacy policies, procedures, practices and controls in place. Michael Parisi, VP, Assurance Strategy & Community Development at HITRUST, leverages his knowledge of the healthcare industry to provide some risk management advice for non-profits operating in any any industry.

Please Be A Bit More Careful With My Electronic Health Record

By Sean Martin, host of At The Edge

With a year under our belt, was WannaCry the wake-up call the healthcare industry needed to take better care of the systems and data they use to provide patient care? Or, do we still see a situation where our protected health information is less than its name defines; not protected?

Why Is The NHS WannaCry Ransomware Attack Bigger Than What it Seems? The Experts Chime In

A massive cyberattack seems to have caught the global corporate arena asleep at the wheel. What do some of the experts have to say about it?