Equal Respect

In Memoriam: Remembering Howard Schmidt

Howard Schmidt passed away 4 days ago on March 2nd. Since then, many have written articles and tributes to remember Howard’s leadership in the security industry. I feel that there is another aspect of The Howard Schmidt legacy that needs to be remembered.

Diversity And The Art Of Cybersecurity | A Live Experts Panel At RSAC | Recap

Selena Templeton provides an overview of what was discussed in this live panel covering diversity and the need to remove bias from the field of cybersecurity which was streamed from the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center in San Francisco.

Women in Security: Breaking Down Barriers to the Board

IOActive, Equal Respect and WISP presented this morning networking event to help senior-level women in security strategize the next stage in their career by targeting and sitting on a board. ITSPmagazine was there in full force to support the movement and capture the moment.