Chats on the Road to RSAC 2019 | Solving the Cybersecurity Talent Shortage | With Vanessa Pegueros of DocuSign

By Selena Templeton

Welcome to a new episode of ITSPmagazine’s 2019 “Chats on the Road to RSA Conference,” a series of podcasts leading up to the annual conference in San Francisco in which we connect with conference organizers, speakers, presenters and panelists. Today’s guest is Vanessa Pegueros of DocuSign, to give us a sneak peek into her panel at the “Solving Our Cybersecurity Talent Shortage” seminar at RSAC.

Should The User Understand Technology Or Just Utilize It?

By Ashwin Krishnan | Host of The Moral Compass on The Cyber Society

Join us to understand how the psyche and upbringing of individuals based on geography and demographics has a fundamentally different mindset to technology than say a ‘born in the tech’ millennial. And what that means to us as solution providers and consumers as we are confronted with a billion tech styled tools in our ‘connected’ universe.