We’re Moving Toward Technologies That Enable Humans Rather Than Try To Automate Them

By Sean Martin

During RSA Conference 2019 in San Francisco, Sean Martin sat down with Jill Orhun, Head of Strategy and Operations for Cyber at Devo, Seema Sheth-Voss, VP Product Marketing at Devo, and Chris O’Brien, Head of Technical Marketing at Devo — a group of folks who connect with customers and prospects — to discuss trends and anomalies they’ve seen.

Are We Honestly Trying To Fill The InfoSec Jobs Gap? Or Is Our Ego Stopping Us?

By Sean Martin

Today I am joined by two long-time cyber professionals doing great things to help fill the cyber talent pool with candidates from all walks of life: Julian Waits from Devo and ICMCP, and Ed Moyle from The Prelude Institute. InfoSec isn’t the first industry faced with a shortage in the workforce, so we don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Listen in as we talk through some of the scenarios to uncover how we might learn from other industries and roles, such as that of nursing.

Experts Corner Webcast: What Does It Take To Operationalize A SOAR?

By Sean Martin, host of At The Edge

The primary goal with this webcast discussion is to highlight the value of a SOAR (security orchestration automation and response) platform/model in order to help companies figure out how best to operationalize it as part of their security management programs. The key point here is “operationalize” … who should be involved, what do they need in place in order to succeed (tech/process/people, both within and outside of the platform), and what can they expect from an operational benefit perspective.

Seeking New Opinions, Innovations, And Unpolished Ideas At RSA Conference

Itineraries on the Road to RSA Conference 2019 | By Fred Wilmot

RSA Conference 2019 is a dissemination point for executives, policy makers and practitioners collecting ideas, best practices and validated methods to take home and use in your own house. In this itinerary, Fred Wilmot from Devo shares a list of sessions designed to seek out the gems, talented new opinions, and maybe innovative, unpolished ideas found at conferences such as these.

Minorities Hold More Master’s Degrees But Less Leadership Roles

By Selena Templeton, host of DiverseIT

David Shearer of (ISC)2 Inc. and Julian Waits of ICMCP chat with ITSPmagazine’s Selena Templeton for Diverse IT about a recent industry study on the lack of diversity in cybersecurity.