Staying Relevant and Visible in Your InfoSec Career

Staying Relevant And Visible In Your InfoSec Career.jpg

There are many articles citing the lack of cyber security talent. And, while there are not enough to my liking, there are a number of articles describing some ways to prepare for and enter into the field of information security. There are, in my view, far fewer stories dedicated to helping people succeed and excel in the industry. Since Robert Feeney, a Senior Security Consultant for BCC Risk Advisory (Edgescan), recently wrote an article on LinkedIn covering this topic, I decided to have a conversation with him to learn more about his views.

Following his AppSec USA 2017 presentation where he discussed how he learned to overcome challenges with continuous scanning for vulnerabilities using automated tools-findings he collected as he prepared his thesis for graduation from Dublin Institute of Technology, I had a chance to connect with Robert in person. During our chat, Robert shared his views as he discussed them with his co-workers, Eoin Keary and Rahim Jina, also from Dublin-based Edgescan.

Listen to the podcast to hear what Robert recommends to his peers.