Some Stories Are Better Than Others. 
These Are From RSAC 2018.

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By John Dasher

Checking in to the RSA Conference 2018 was painless this year, and didn’t take more than 3 minutes. Upon handing me my badge, the conference worker noted that this was my 14th year of attendance. One more time attending and I would get a 15-year pin! Not sure that’s a reason to return, but I must admit, I enjoy the conference. It’s not the tech, it’s the people.

I’m John Dasher, and I’ve been working to create and market cybersecurity products and solutions for, well, a long time now. 😊

Like many of you, I’ve developed great relationships over the years, and I find new solutions and technology more interesting when they’re revealed to me by people I know.

Having said that, I met some great new people this year. Working as a reporter for ITSPmagazine gave me the opportunity to meet super interesting people from innovative companies. The subject matter included IoT, cloud, encrypted devices, RASP, authentication, identity, and risk.

In the end, a couple of things stood out. These may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many vendors get this wrong. First, the solution has to be easy to trial, and second, the time to value must be short. As soon as those two items grow in complexity and time, people are far less likely to even consider a solution.

A number of the companies I spoke with went to great pains to ensure that the products easily deployed next to or on top of infrastructure that was already present. Score! Many discussed time to value that was measured in hours and days rather than weeks and months. Score! And a couple will clearly make a huge difference in decreasing your risk and the required investment to achieve it! Win!

So without further ado, here’s a list of the companies I was fortunate enough to speak with. After you browse these stories below, be sure to check out the rest of our Their Story columns here on ITSPmagazine and let us know if you have a story to share.

ITSP 2018 RSAC Their Story Podcasts

Craig Lund, CEO

How aapi’s API management and development platform dramatically boosts the productivity and security of enterprise developers


Andy Smith, Vice President Product Marketing

Enabling enterprises to leverage and secure user identity across their on-prem and cloud infrastructure, applying machine learning to spot and act upon unwanted and insecure activity


Anthony James, Vice President of Marketing

Enabling enterprises to take full advantage of cloud resources and technology while maintaining visibility and robust security around their use


Jay Kim, CEO

Discussion of DataLocker’s “Simply Secure” innovative hardware-encrypted storage devices, device management, and their upcoming cloud encryption gateway


Juniper Networks
Mounir Hahad, Head of Juniper Threat Labs

Bringing Juniper’s Threat Labs knowledge and vast networking experience to bear for enterprise security


Ferruh Mavituna, CEO

Hear how Netsparker is accelerating the enterprise’s ability to find and report web application vulnerabilities while confirming that they are not false positives


Optimal IdM
Mark Foust, Director of Technical Sales

Optimal IdM, discusses their unique and highly scalable identity management offering which resides in a private cloud to deliver tailor-fit identity services


Kunal Anand, Co-Founder and CTO

RASP (Runtime Application Self Protection) solution to help organizations secure their applications and prioritize the processing of their vulnerability by simply attaching an agent to their app


Sage Wagner, Sr. Sales Engineer

Helping orgs understand their attack surfaces and quantify their risks, allowing for rational prosecution of vulnerabilities and threats, as well as determining the effectiveness and prioritization of security investments


Rubicon Labs
Rod Schultz, Chief Product Officer

Helping enterprises easily encrypt the data for resource-constrained devices, taking advantage of IoT and the cloud in a secure way


Hed Kovetz, Co-Founder & CEO

Learn about Silverfort’s exciting new solution that provides consistent strong authentication across all enterprise users and resources

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An industry veteran, John Dasher brings extensive technology marketing and product development experience to the table, with over a decade of experience in enterprise and consumer cybersecurity, mobile, and IoT.

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