Should The User Understand Technology Or Just Utilize It?

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By Ashwin Krishnan | Host of The Moral Compass on The Cyber Society

Sitting inside one of the tech meccas of the world, the self-styled ‘gurus’ can pretend to understand how and why an ‘Alexa’ really works.

Or, they can further feign to imagine how e-signing a document by ‘adopting’ a signature has the same legal ramifications as a physical signature while lacking the physical finality of pen on paper.

But, for a lot of folks out there who are grabbing technology – or maybe the other way around, technology is grabbing them – this awareness is simply not there.

And, yet, for some demographics, putting the need to understand aside completely, they often put the ‘Tech Titans’ on a different pedestal and assume they can do no harm.

In stark contrast to other organizations such as automakers or drug companies who are quickly vilified by these very folks, the big tech companies are given a hall pass, even when an iPhone battery slowdown exposure happens.

Why? Because we carry these devices on our bodies – heck they are more “us” than our analog bodies and minds!

Do the tech companies deserve the pass they are given by society? Or do they have a moral obligation to help society understand the risks associated with using technology?

Intrigued by these questions and ideas? Join us as we dig through these very interesting, entertaining but most importantly ‘morally-critical’ topics with Nathan Raffel.

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Nathan Raffel is a serial entrepreneur in the food, beverage and service industries. He writes for a few sites including Thrive Global, Hackernoon and He's totally fully of shit."