Learning about Hire Ground at Bsides Las Vegas 2018 | A conversation with Kathleen Smith

Learning about HIRE Ground at Bsides Las Vegas 2018.jpg

Learning about Hire Ground at Bsides Las Vegas 2018

A conversation with Kathleen Smith | HIRE Ground Director and CMO at cybersecjobs.com.

By Marco Ciappelli, host of The Cyber Society

During Hacker Summer Camp back In August, Sean Martin and I spoke with HIRE GROUND’s Director Kathleen Smith at BSIDES Las Vegas to learn what makes this cybersecurity community event so special and so effective.

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But let’s go back to this podcast now.

When you’re at a conference, sometimes you need to get the interview done when possible, even if it’s in front of a service elevator. If the guest knows what she is talking about, it just adds to the fun; and as you can hear in this podcast, Kathleen Smith not only knows her topics but she is also incredibly passionate about them.

Chris Roberts Coaching at Hire Ground BsidesLV 2018

Chris Roberts Coaching at Hire Ground BsidesLV 2018

She is the Director of Hire Ground which was on its 4th year at BsidesLV. Hire Ground is an event with speakers and volunteers who discuss career development, placement, workforce retention; they also have a career fair, resume reviewing and career coaching that happens in a friendly community environment which can indeed allow professionals looking for a new position to ask the right questions and get honest advice from renowned industry experts. We actually got to see some familiar and friendly faces offering their honest advice at the coaching tables, and it is fantastic to spot a wide variety - and DIVERSITY - of people coming to Hire Ground from all over the world.

There are many challenges in an industry that seems to be creating more job opportunities than candidates, as this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is easy to get the right job. Having a chance to be face to face with people who can give you life-changing advice makes a whole lot of a difference in your career, and as we all have realized by now, our jobs are part of our identity and, of course, our life.

A job is not just a job; it affects us at a profound emotional level as it is a very integral part of our life and who we are.

A career is indeed not something to take lightly, and it is fantastic to see a community that comes together to help each other, mentor, and make a difference in someone’s life.

So here is a big thank you to everyone who takes the time to give back to the hacker community, one way or another.

One more reminder that we learned from Kathleen: “Giving back goes both ways.” It enriches the lives of those you try to help, and it certainly enriches your own life and skill set.

So, let’s listen, and maybe, let’s think about it a little bit, once this podcast is done.

Enjoy the podcast, listen to it carefully, and share it recklessly! 

* If you have read my introduction above, you can go directly to the conversation by skipping ahead to 4':35'' - Enjoy!