Juliet Okafor Tells Us What Can Be Done To Improve Diversity And Remove Entry Obstacles In Cybersecurity

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By Selena Templeton, host of DiverseIT

ITSPmagazine’s Selena Templeton chats with ICMCP Strategic Advisory Board Member Juliet Okafor about what they’re doing to further minorities’ academic and professional success in cybersecurity. Tune in to hear the one thing that most organizations wish existed in this industry, how not having standard rules of entry in the cyber field has been a major drawback, and some specific tips for bringing diversity and inclusion to your organization  –  including the creation of a national cyber security apprenticeship program for non-traditional, vets, and underrepresented groups to transition successfully into the industry.

About the Guest


Juliet Okafor is VP of global business development for Fortress Information Security — third-party risk architects and cyber workforce experts for Fortune 500, Global 2000 and enterprises within industries designated as critical infrastructure. Okafor also serves as co-chair of the Strategic Advisory Board and chair of the Strategic Initiatives Committee, for the International Consortium of Minority Cybersecurity Professionals.