It's Your Community. Let's Work Together To Make It Better.


By Sean Martin

Today we bring to you a special episode, one that lands squarely at the core of what we care about at ITSPmagazine—the cybersecurity professional.

We care deeply about our community, and that’s why our editor-in-chief, Sean Martin, jumped at the chance to connect with Candy Alexander from ISSA International and Jon Oltsik from ESG to discuss their 3rd annual global survey on the life and times of cybersecurity professionals.

In today’s conversation, Candy and Jon share how important this survey is to the InfoSec community, who should get involved, and how the coming findings can help the community help each other to make for a better experience as we all fight the good InfoSec fight.

This is a quick conversation—one you can easily digest. So, have a listen—take the survey—and share both this podcast and the survey with your colleagues and peers.

It’s our community. Let’s work together to make it better.

Cyber Security Skills in Crisis — A Professional’s Call to Action

The 3rd Annual Global Survey by ISSA and ESG is now open!

ISSA International and ESG have joined forces again to launch the 3rd annual survey on the Life and Times of Cybersecurity Professionals.

The survey will help us better understand the challenges faced by cybersecurity professionals such as, careers and skills development sources, organizational considerations and new trends in the profession. 

About Candy Alexander

Candy Alexander.jpg

Ms. Alexander has 30+ years of information security experience working for various high-tech companies. Ms. Alexander is very active within the profession, and is current International President for the professional association, ISSA (Information Security Systems Association). She has held several positions as CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) for which she developed and managed corporate security programs. She is now working as a Virtual CISO and Executive Cyber Security Consultant assisting companies large and small to improve their business through effective security initiatives.

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About Jon Oltsik


Jon Oltsik is an ESG senior principal analyst and the founder of the firm’s cybersecurity service. With almost 30 years of technology industry experience, Jon is widely recognized as an expert in all aspects of cybersecurity and is often called upon to help customers understand a CISO's perspective and strategies.

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