It's Here! The EU CyberSecurity Act | An In The News Dialogue With Raluca Saceanu And Elena Steinke

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Guests: Raluca Saceanu | Elena Steinke

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The other day I came across a blog post talking about the impact the EU CyberSecurity Act could have now that it is officially “in force” as of Thursday, the 27th of June, 2019.

To dig deeper into this topic, I connected with the author of the blog post, Raluca Saceanu, and asked her to join me for an In The News chat to bring the European perspective to the table. And, to round out the conversation with an angle from the United States, I asked Elena Steinke to join us for the chat as well.

The two certainly did not disappoint, bringing tons of professional experience, technical and operational expertise, and even some personal opinion to the table.

It’s a great conversation. I hope you enjoy it.

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