Itineraries On The Road To Las Vegas 2018 | Black Hat, DEFCON, Hacking Diversity

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So many things to see and so little time on our side – and we are not just talking about Las Vegas. The conferences in Las Vegas offers a wide variety of attractions if you, like us, are into cybersecurity matters.

On this page, we will report about our plans once we arrive in the city of sun and sin. 

As we wrap up the logistics for our live panels in partnership with BrightTalk, various podcasts, sandbox coverage, and the long-awaited debut of the ITSP Talk Show, we are also scrambling to find the time to attend some of the fantastic sessions that will take place during the conference.

We are penning our itineraries as we go, according to our personal preferences and interests. Let us know if you agree or if you have some other suggestions. 

See you soon in Las Vegas.


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Join us on The Road To Las Vegas 2018

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