IoT Devices Are A Bargain These Days. Aren’t They?

By Marco Ciappelli, host of The Cyber Society, on ITSPmagazine


They are shiny; they are pretty. Your life is going to be so much better because of them. I promise, you may even wonder: "How was I able to survive without these?"

Come here, look closer... see? They are the future; the best next thing; the solution to all your problem; the answer to your desires. And yes, of course, they can be yours.

They are affordable - a bargain - literally. You have Internet access, of course you do... you look to be a smart one yourself. That is all you need. The magic Internet. No assembly required - no need to read instructions.

As crazy as it seems, you do not even need to create a password. Those pesky annoying passwords! We've set it for you. No need to change it.

And there will be an update soon. But guess what: you do not even need to install it. Why waste your own time? It will be delivered during the night by a Magic Unicorn.

You want it, don’t you? Of course, you do. You are smart, as smart as these things are. 

Sign here, right next to my name, Mephistopheles.

Pleased to meet you.

Introducing an IoT webinar series by ITSPmagazine

About this webinar

We live in a world enabled by and surrounded by technology - and each day there's a new device to hit the market designed to make our lives easier, more convenient, and perhaps even healthier. As a society - both as individuals and as organizations serving us - we snatch up these new devices as quickly as they hit the shelves and use them with open arms, unknowingly putting privacy and safety at risk.

This expert panel will look at a variety of these connected things - from connected cars to automated homes to the IoT-enabled medical devices we will have implanted in our bodies.

Join us for this expert, engaging conversation where we’ll answer :

What personal data must we share with these devices to get the most out of them?

What price are we willing to pay for an easier, smarter, connected life?
Are we willing to sell our soul for a digital future? Because, willingly or not, we are.

Do we actually know that we are doing that?
Do we know what are we giving up in return for this streamlined world we live in?
Are we able to make an informed, conscious decision?
Will we ever be?

Be sure to join us for this exciting and engaging conversation!