I went to RSAC APJ and I saw a Cyber Affair Ambassador. I swear, they exist. Here is the podcast.

I went to RSAC APJ and I saw a Cyber Affair Ambassador.jpg

By Marco Ciappelli
A conversation with Dr. Tobias Feakin

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This year, 2018, for the first time ITSPmagazine was an official media partner for RSAC Asia Pacific Japan, and I was able to go there and check out what is going on in the cybersecurity space in that side of the world.

I have been planning to start a new series on my column called “The Status of Cyber Security and Awareness Around The World,” and this looked just the right occasion to get this started; well, I was right, as it was.

I had the opportunity to sit down and have a fantastic conversation with Dr. Tobias Feakin, which happens to be the Inaugural Australian Ambassador for Cyber Affairs and it was one of the keynote speakers at the RSA Conference in Singapore.

Dr. Tobias leads Australia’s whole-of-government international engagement to advance and protect Australia’s national security, foreign policy, economic and trade, and development interests in the internet and cyberspace.

We spoke about the role of a Cyber Ambassadors, the need for this figure in every country, and what it means for the present and future of international relationships and cyber engagement strategies. The reason why is fundamental to agree to specific rules of conduct in cyberspace is not only relevant for political and international, but it is also significant for the individual user, our businesses and our society as a whole.

Tomorrow is today, and technology is part of our life and so is Cyber Security. There is no coming back, and as much as amazing benefits are coming our way, we must think ahead and be prepared against adverse outcomes.

The creation of such political role is a reflection of where we seat right now in the technological age and the near future require this kind of representation in order to shape the best policies for the International community, which, naturally will reflect, hopefully positively, in every country and their citizens’ everyday life. 

His keynote session is an eye opener, and it will explain what it means to Promote International Peace and Stability in Cyberspace. You can see the recording of such session by scrolling down; I highly suggest you to do that, but only after you listen to this podcast.


You better be…

Enjoy the podcast, listen to it carefully, and share it recklessly! 

* If you have read my introduction above, you can go directly to the conversation by skipping ahead to 4':03'' - Enjoy!

Dr Tobias Feakin, Australian Ambassador for Cyber Affairs, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade A year on from last year's RSA Conference, we have seen a marked increase in the frequency, scale, sophistication and severity of malicious cyber-activity. High profile incidents like NotPetya and WannaCry have demonstrated the unprecedented level of global harm that such malicious activity can cause.