Humans vs. Bots Online Battle - Most Of The Time We Lose

Humans Vs. Bots online battle - most of the time we lose.jpg

By Sean Martin, host of At The Edge, on ITSPmagazine

Consumers and businesses all over the world are in an online struggle - sometimes an online battle - when it comes to using the services necessary to make their lives easier and their businesses more profitable.

  • Fans want to buy tickets to the next big concert
  • Bands want a full stadium when they perform
  • Travelers want to book their next vacations
  • Airlines want full planes when they fly
  • Gamers want to get to that next level in the game
  • Game developers want a full house playing their online games

Unfortunately, however, many of the things we do as humans are also being performed by bots. And, in many cases, the bots are doing these things faster and better than humans can, changing the landscape for which we buy things, travel, and connect as a society.

To give us a sense of the seriousness of this problem, Kevin Gosschalk, CEO and Founder of Australia-based FunCaptcha shares some stories with me in a podcast recorded during AppSec USA 2017 in Orlando.

Have a listen, pay attention, and you might start to wonder why that seat you want at the championship game is not available or the flight times you need to get to that client meeting on time is hard to find. It's likely the bot that got there before you hasn't released them or put them up for sale on eBay yet.