How the CyberSecurity industry created the weakest link | A very short story

How the CyberSecurity industry created the weakest link | A very short story.jpg

By Marco Ciappelli

This is the way I see it, and this is they way I tell it.

For years this industry has been selling pills that are supposed to "make the users un-hackable" and made a lot of money selling those.

When the pill didn't work as advertised, the finger was pointed back towards the users because they should have taken the pill AND make some lifestyle changes. They are the reason why the medicine is not working, they are the weakest link.

Maybe, if the users were educated from the beginning, the pills would have been more effective.

Maybe, the user wouldn't have needed so many pills, but pills make money. So, instead of educating, the industry kept telling this tale of the lazy, ignorant users; and that is why there's the need to make more pills, upgrade them, and sell more.

We need to motivate people to take the action that we should have told them to take decades ago. But no tech consumer company told us about security or that a "lifestyle change" would have be necessary to make the pill more effective when selling a security solution.

Now we need to start from the basics, come down from the tech pedestal, walk in our communities, and educate the users by speaking a language that is understandable and motivating.

The magic pills are knowledge and education.

We will sell fewer pills in exchange for a better future.

- The Beginning