Hacker Summer Camp Is Upon Us. Are You Prepared?


ITSPmagazine will be back in Vegas for Black Hat and, for the first time, DEF CON, BSides and the inaugural Hacking Diversity conference (for which we are the official media partner!). Our coverage of these three events will extend to pre, during, and post Vegas with podcasts, chats, articles, live panels and talk shows. You can find all of this and more on our Black Hat USA 2018 | DEFCON 26 | Hacking Diversity | BSides coverage page!

By Chris Roberts

Summer Camp is almost upon us. Black (corporate) Hat, DEF CON, BSidesLV and ALL the surrounding stuff (SkyTalks, SECTF, Villages, Contests, etc.)

For those newer folks attending, some thoughts/tips/hints, etc.

  1. This is an inclusive event, accept everyone or don’t bother coming.
  2. Daily: 3-2-1, 3 hours of sleep, 2 meals and 1 shower (please!)
  3. DO Defcon101 especially if you are new/never seen it before.
  4. Don’t bring the work laptop to the conference, leave it at the hotel…
  5. Always assume most digital spectrums are hostile, plan accordingly…
  6. Always ask questions of people, we ARE here to help.
  7. Respect one another, hug a GOON or SAFETY and feed them alcohol.
  8. CASH only, be VERY wary of ATM’s.
  9. Water yourself a LOT.
  10. Visit the C&E areas.
  11. Visit the villages! (Voting, cars, WiFi, Locks, BioHack, SECTF, etc.)
  12. Party like nobody’s recording (but assume they are).
  13. DON'T photograph without asking.
  14. Engage, join in, ask and we will welcome you AND enjoy yourself.

25,000 HACKERS are here to help you…

‘all for now



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View Chris' original post. There is a lot of good conversation going on there...

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