Hacker Summer Camp Event Coverage | Cybersecurity Woman of the Year — 2019 Awards

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By Sean Martin &  Marco Ciappelli

During our Hacker Summer Camp 2019 coverage in Las Vegas, we connect with keynote speakers, presenters, panelists, organizers, and the InfoSec community to keep the conversation going. This is one of those stories.

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We care deeply and passionately about creating a diverse cybersecurity workforce — not just when it comes to gender, but also for background, origin, age, religion, neuro-makeup, and more — essentially anything and everything that makes us unique; makes us human.

This should NOT come as a surprise to any of our followers, as this has been a part of our conversations and stories here on the magazine pretty much since its inception 4 years ago.

While we prefer to embrace our differences, sometimes it is necessary to celebrate the successes of certain groups — NOT as a means to call out their differences, but with the goal of helping to inspire others such that they may find a role model, a mentor, a peer, and perhaps even a colleague with whom they can work. We should not wash away our differences, rather we should celebrate the great work all of us have done in the face of adversity.

With this, we ask you to celebrate with us the successes these cybersecurity leaders have achieved. Sure, we hope to reach a point where we no longer have to shake the box to remind ourselves of the benefits associated with diversity, but until we reach that point, you’ll find us shaking things up at the intersection of technology, cybersecurity, and society.

Pre-Gala Interview With Carmen Marsh, Noureen Njoroge, and Candy Alexander

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Photos From The Gala