GDPR Compliance by May 2018? What Are You Worried About?

By Sean Martin, host of At The Edge, on ITSPmagazine

May 25, 2018 might seem like a fair distance out, and that a lot can happen between now and then. One of those things, however, could take quite a bit of planning, implementation, and proof that it's done. Ahh yes, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance... what are you worried about?

According to a quick poll conducted with ITSPmagazine's Twitter followers, most people are concerned with the cost and complexity of meeting the requirements.

If your company is based in the United States and is also operating in the European Union (EU), doing business with an EU partner, or have customers that EU citizens, then you probably share this same sentiment. There are things your organization must learn with respect to GDPR. Perhaps your organization is one of the many scrambling to find the help they need to properly manage this requirement for their business.

The new law will have an impact on many businesses, perhaps even third-party vendors that aren’t directly doing business in an EU country but whose business partner does.

To address this need, we are pleased to announce a 3-part GDPR webinar series. We are collaborating with experts from both the US and the EU to present information designed to help organizations of all sizes understand, prepare and respond to the new regulatory requirements. The panelists joining ITSPmagazine for this series are being hand selected.

The thought leadership discussions we will have will help organizations understand the following: 

  • How to safely operate a business in the EU from outside the EU
  • What it means to collect or store EU citizen data even if you don't have a physical EU presence for your business
  • What it takes to be compliant with the regulation regardless of your business location
  • How the GDPR impacts small- and medium-sized businesses; will the process to become compliant and/or the fines associated with the regulation be too much?

Here's the line-up of sessions. Grab your seat today.

Learn more about GDPR

ITSPmagazine is gearing up to help organizations around the world (including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom / UK, and more) learn about the European Union General Data Protection (#GDPR) requirements, challenges, and solutions. Enterprise, government, and other institutions, including small and medium sized businesses (SMB) will have special, dedicated webinars to help them tackle the new GDPR regulation.