From AdTech To InfoSec - What Matters Is Not That Different

From AdTech To InfoSec - What Matters Is Not That Different.jpg

By Sean Martin, host of At The Edge and An InfoSec Life

In this episode of An InfoSec Life, ITSPmagazine's Sean Martin chats with John Keister, the new CEO from San Diego-based Packetsled. John joins the company coming from a long history founding and leading companies in the ad-tech space. One might ask - as Sean did - what can an ad tech executive do to help bring a cybersecurity company up through the ranks in what is undoubtedly a very competitive market?

To put it simply, John notes that it starts with a great team - which he believes he has - and quickly follows with understanding what customers need and then leverages his experiences cutting through the noise from a marketing and communications perspective.

The challenge ahead of him is one that John finds fun. In fact, he is looking forward to running the marathon with the team, making sure that 2017 closes out with a bang, setting things up nicely for a prosperous 2018. For John, it’s less about what crosses the newswire in 2018; it’s more about what customers say about the company in 2019. Part of what John envisions is that organizations small and large recognize the contributions that the Packetsled team is making to the community are in fact valuable above and beyond the product and services delivered; it's about the team, their engagement with the community, and the good they do to help raise the bar for cybersecurity far and wi.

While he might have his hands full learning the cybersecurity ropes to begin, John has an excellent view for the future of the company, and it should be fun seeing where he takes them over the next couple years. You can begin following his journey by listening to his first podcast here on ITSP radio.

Listen and Enjoy!