Empower Yourself: From Cyberbullying to a Career in InfoSec Privacy

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By Selena Templeton | Co-host Marco Ciappelli

Selena Templeton and co-host Marco Ciappelli chat with Whitney Merrill, a privacy and data attorney who also founded the crypto village at DEFCON, about cyberbullying, anonymity and privacy rights.

Whitney starts this conversation off by recounting her own experience of cyberbullying when she was in high school, and the frustration she experienced when she was told by teachers, the police and even AOL that there was not much they could do to trace the user.

She responded to that by getting a masters degree where she explored issues associated with technology, information security, privacy, anonymity and the law.

In this podcast, we talk about legislation:

There’s the difficulty of making sure the legislation is effective but not overly evasive that might infringe on others’ freedoms. There are so many situations where revealing a user’s IP is taken advantage of.
— Whitney Merrill

We talk about anonymity and freedom of speech:

Much like freedom of speech, we can’t dole [anonymity] out as we see fit; either everyone is guaranteed free speech or no one is.
— Selena Templeton

We discuss the responsibility of parents:

Cyberbullying is a human problem, not a technology problem…. So parents [must] teach the consequences of [one’s] action – in both real life and digital life.
— Marco Ciappelli

And we also touch on why she founded the crypto village and the importance of cyber education for everyone.

We hope you enjoy this conversation — and that you get inspired by Whitney’s story of empowering herself!

About Whitney Merrill

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Whitney Merrill is Privacy, eCommerce & Consumer Protection Counsel at Electronic Arts (@EA), hacker, badgelifer & founder @Cryptovillage, and formerly at @FTC. Fighting for privacy, digital civil liberties and the users.

Find Whitney on Twitter & LinkedIn.