Diverse by Design: How to Achieve a Balanced Workforce

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By Selena Templeton

Selena Templeton chats with Audrey Taylor, Founder & CEO of netlogx, a company that provides mission critical information risk management services.

netlogx is comprised of 50% female employees  – most of whom are in leadership roles – and was voted “Best Company to Work for in 2014”, so I had to have a chat with Audrey to find out how she was so easily able to achieve what the rest of the industry is still struggling with. I’ll give you a hint: she founded a company that was, to quote her, Diverse by Design.

She shares her business’ overall process when it comes to:

  • Their job descriptions (avoiding language like ninja, rock star, killer coder)

  • Their recruitment pipelines (hey, if you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten)

  • Their hiring process (i.e. NOT hiring employees like they’re seeking new members for their college fraternity)

  • Unconscious bias, particularly when it comes to the above three points.

netlogx has also partnered with IndyCar driver Pippa Mann and sponsored her car in order to shine a spotlight on opportunities for women in STEM and entrepreneurial careers.

There’s a lot more great info and inspiring tips here, so sit back, get comfortable, and enjoy the conversation! 

About Audrey Taylor

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Audrey Taylor is founder and CEO of netlogx. Founding the company in 1998, she has served in the information technology discipline for over 25 years and served as former president of the board of Women & Hi Tech.

Find Audrey on LinkedIn & Twitter.

Find netlogx on LinkedIn & Twitter