Data Breaches - What You and the Government Should Do

Data Breaches - What You and the Government Should Do.jpg

By Arleena Faith

To victims of Identity Theft, the Equifax incident is a reminder that Cybercrime will continue growing unless our regulators put a hard stop to it. The more people to follow the five cautionary steps described in the article, the more likely that our government and the Financial Industry will acknowledge the seriousness of the situation, its impact to our economy, and take action. At this point--and with approximately 143 million people involved in the giant data breach--getting a “credit-freeze” should be next in everyone’s list.

Identity Theft is such a common problem that anyone likely knows someone to whom it happened or faced the issue in person. The root cause lies in the way in which creditors use SSNs and other electronic information--that can be easily falsified or stolen by Cyber Criminals--as the primary (or only) means to authenticate consumers and grant them credit. The article explains what the government can do right now to slow down the problem and what the author of the story learned while fighting her own case of Identity Theft.

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