Data and Donuts in NYC. A Podcast with Enterprise Ireland


By Sean Martin, host of At The Edge

Enterprise Ireland (EI) invests in a wide variety of Ireland-based companies, including many technology companies and a growing number of providers operating in the cybersecurity software and service market.

As one of their support mechanisms for the companies in which they invest, EI holds many invite-only events throughout the year. Following a session tastefully called "Data and Donuts” held at the @LittlStarVR offices in SOHO, Manhattan, New York, Sean Martin was able to connect with Oran Bambrick from Enterprise Ireland and Michael Schell from Edgescan to get some more insight into EI and a recap for the event.

The group in attendance at the event – which happened to be very diverse regarding industry, role, voice and personal profile – was treated to a keynote and two of panels. Each of the sessions focused on extending the cybersecurity and risk management conversation beyond traditional security and risk professionals.

There were many highlights from the conversations. These are a few of them:

  • If a company is not treating their data like gold or currency, they aren’t going to be a company for very long
  • Cyber has become a competitive advantage / it can no longer be an afterthought
  • Pressures to meet investor objectives are high; we find that many security companies are chasing the revenue at the expense of making the customers happy – and perhaps even successful – concerning their information security programs.

The topics and speakers for the keynote and panels are listed below.

Data and Donuts Event Overview

KEYNOTE: How ML/AI are Changing the Face of Marketing, Media and Advertising

Raymond Pettit – VP Analytics, Comscore



PANEL: Security and Governance of Data in 2018: A Changing Landscape

Sabina Munnelly – MD Finance & Risk - Data & Analytics, Accenture
Benjamin A. Smith– CISO, IEX Group
Kate O’Loughlin – COO, Super Awesome
John Mumford – Chief Risk Officer, Fellsway Group [Moderator]



PANEL: Human vs. Machine: ML/AI in Data Analytics

Lester Kim – Director of Data, Littlstar
Tom Lowe – Snr Data Analyst, WeWork
Nicole Alexander – Professor of Marketing & Analytics, NYU
Kevin O'Brien – Head of Agency Innovation, AdRoll
Oran Bambrick – SVP Digital Technology, Enterprise Ireland [Moderator]