Prevention Is Always Better Than Reaction When It Comes To Safety. Cybersecurity Is No Different, But What To Do If You Become A Victim Of Cybercrime?

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By Marco Ciappelli

Today’s Podcast is called:

Prevention Is Always Better Than Reaction When It Comes To Safety. Cybersecurity Is No Different, But What To Do If You Become A Victim Of Cybercrime?

Guest: Kristin Judge | CEO/President of the Cybercrime Support Network

Host: Marco Ciappelli

It seems to me that we have a long way to go before the general population and small businesses become aware of the very likely risk of becoming victims of cybercrime. While there are many things that can be done to reduce the risk — the “100% safe” scenario is a myth — we certainly cannot expect (at this time) that someone or something is going to take those steps for us.

In this podcast, Kristen Judge tell us what inspired her to start this non-profit, Cybercrime Support Network, why this is so important for cybercrime victims, what they are currently facing, and who this service is for. 

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As we covered these main points, we took the opportunity to stop and reflect about:

What it means to be a technology interpreter and the importance of understanding how difficult it can be for non technical-oriented people to assimilate the information that cybersecurity professionals think is so easy to grasp.

At this specific moment in time, the individual’s and small and medium business’ level of cybersecurity hygiene is not strong enough, and therefore prevention must improve in order to increase the defense success rate against cybercrime. As we grow that side of the equation, there is a clear need for organizations that can help with response and recovery. Most victims simply do not know how and where to go to get help. and  are the missing link that is connecting, filtering and directing those that need help with those that are able to provide it. Depending on variables such as location, type of crime, victim’s category, and information available about the perpetrators, the response is completely different. 

We discuss how legislators have, on too many occasions, fallen way too behind new technologies, the high speed at which the market adopts and commercializes them, and the rapidity with which individuals embrace them. 

If it is true that a life without personal computers and mobile phones may seem like a tale from centuries ago— there are young adults who have never experienced an Internet-less world and kids who think that smartphones have been around forever. We must remember that this is all so new and happening so fast that even the most advanced societies are struggling to adapt fast enough to these changes.

Because the majority of people are very susceptible to cybercrime, online scams, fraud, and social engineering of all sorts, and until we find better way to educate and protect Internet users, non-profit organizations such as not only are helping but can be considered indispensable to fill the gap and mitigate the damage that many people are struggling with every day.

Maybe you will find this podcast useful for yourself now or in the future, or maybe you know someone who could  benefit from this.

Enjoy the podcast, listen to it carefully, and share it recklessly!


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