Chats on the Road to RSAC 2019 | The Five Most Dangerous New Attack Techniques And How To Counter Them | With The SANS Keynote Panel

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By Sean Martin, host of At The Edge

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During these conversations, we get a sneak peek into what they are planning to share at the conference as well as a glimpse into their backgrounds and some additional insight on the topics they will discuss.

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In today’s chat, I connect with all four of the SANS panelists for their RSA Conference keynote panel entitled The Five Most Dangerous New Attack Techniques and How to Counter Them. The session is on Thursday, March 07 from 10:55 A.M. - 11:40 A.M.

Ask anyone who’s attended this RSA Conference session and they’ll likely confirm that it’s always a hit. This year, it is again led by Research Director and Founder of the SANS Institute, Alan Paller. Alan is joined on stage by Ed Skoudis, Heather Mahalik and Johannes Ullrich — and I chat with all of them to get a sneak peek into what they will be talking about this year with regards to the latest threats, attacks and the methods used to carry them out.

In this episode, you’ll hear from each of the panelists as they describe how they combine their hands-on experiences in penetration testing, security breach case analysis, sensor networks and honeypot research. Equally importantly, they share the conversations they have with some of their brilliant students during the SANS training sessions they conduct throughout the year.

It all makes for a nice mix of human observation coupled with real-world cases, giving this panel a chance to engage with the audience on some of the most pressing — and new — threats we are facing as an industry and in society.

Listen in to this Chats on the Road to hear more.

About The Panel


Alan Paller

Research Director and Founder, SANS Institute



Heather Mahalik

Director of Forensics Engineering at ManTech and Mobile Forensics Course Director, SANS Institute



Ed Skoudis

Instructor, SANS Institute



Johannes Ullrich

Dean of Research, SANS Technology Institute


Which are the most dangerous new attack techniques? How do they work? How can you stop them? What’s coming next and how can you prepare? This fast-paced briefing features the three people best positioned to provide answers and best able to communicate them: the nation’s top expert/teacher on mobile forensics, the director of the Internet Storm Center and the top hacker exploits expert/teacher in the US.  They also answer audience questions.