Chats On The Road To RSAC 2019 | From Dystopia to Opportunity: Stories from the Future of Cybersecurity | With Keren Elazari and Amit Elazari

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Conversations At The Intersection Of IT Security And Society that are also part of our Chats On The Road To RSA Conference | San Francisco 2019

Keren Elazari | Amit Elazari

Sean Martin | Marco Ciappelli

This Episode:

From Dystopia to Opportunity: Stories from the Future of Cybersecurity

Because the future of cybersecurity is not about protecting secrets;
it’s about our way of life.

In their words, this is what their keynote is about:

Join [Keren and Amit] for a journey to the near future, told from the perspectives of a friendly hacker and a lawyer, who also happen to be sisters. Discover how evolving attack trends are impacting policy landscapes, why trust has become a feature and what hackers can do for you. Step away from today and embrace what’s next.


In this podcast we get to know two fantastic women in the cybersecurity community: a friendly hacker and a lawyer, who also happen to be sisters whose individual careers have inspired one another. We hope that they will inspire many young people to pursue their passion and hopefully a career in InfoSec, as a hacker, as a lawyer, as a psychologist, as a researcher, or whatever their dream may be.

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The Future of CyberSecurity as a Way of Life.

Quality role models are what we need in our society nowadays more than ever. Some kids are lucky enough to have a role model in their household, others need to wait for school, and sometimes it can be a book or a movie that sparks the inspiration within them to follow their passion and dreams. 

Sometimes, as in Keren’s example, that means using one’s skills and power to manipulate technology in order to bring positive changes in the world.

Inspired by Keren, Amit has followed her sister into the cybersecurity realm and brought her legal experience to the table. 

In their keynote presentation, they tell a fascinating story that, through the legal and the hacker perspectives, allows us to see into the future of cybersecurity and predict what it may look like — but with the twist of turning fear, doubt and uncertainty of a dystopian future into hope for what it could be if we come together as a community and make changes now.

Maybe it’s finally time to make that change that so many of us envision when we discuss cultural changes in the way we interact with technology and the way we perceive cybersecurity and privacy in our cyber society.

Maybe we are really getting to that breaking point where technology is driving the need for a new form of social contract where we reset the norms for privacy, identity, morality and the overall use and scope of technology itself.

If in any form or shape you are interested in your cyber future, you should listen to this podcast and, if you can, attend this keynote at RSAC 2019 (or listen to it later).

Because The future of cybersecurity is about our way of life.

Because the future is now.

Listen up. 

There is no turning back.


RSA Conference 2019 | San Francisco

KEYNOTE > From Dystopia to Opportunity: Stories from the Future of Cybersecurity

Wednesday, March 6, 2:50 – 3:40 PM | South Stage