Chats on the Road to RSAC 2019 | Solving the Cybersecurity Talent Shortage at RSA Conference 2019

Selena Templeton (L) and Karen Worstell (R)

Selena Templeton (L) and Karen Worstell (R)

By Selena Templeton | Co-Hosts Marco Ciappelli and Sean Martin

It has become an ITSPmagazine tradition to start our RSA Conference coverage with what we call Chats On The Road To RSA Conference. We connect with conference speakers, presenters, panelists and organizers to start the conversation way before anyone else does.

During these conversations, we get a sneak peek into what they are planning to share at the conference as well as a glimpse into their backgrounds and some additional insight on the topics they will discuss.

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Welcome to the first episode of Chats on the Road to RSA Conference 2019 — with guest Karen Worstell, CEO of W Risk Group!

This year, RSA Conference has unveiled their new Diversity and Inclusion Initiative — for example, one of the initiatives is the elimination of all-male panels (or “manels,” as I like to call them) — on the keynote stages.

Kicking off the event that week is “Solving Our Cybersecurity Talent Shortage,” an inaugural seminar from creators Karen Worstell, CEO of W Risk Group and founder of MOJO Maker for Women in Tech, and Elaine Marino, CEO of Equili and founder of LadyCoders. This half-day event is focused on solving the cybersecurity talent shortage – and it’s not going to take place in some back room of a Starbucks ten blocks away – it’s going to be at:

Moscone Center on Monday, March 4, from 8am to 12 noon.

I and my colleagues Marco Ciappelli and Sean Martin had a wonderful conversation with Karen who will tell you all about this exciting new event – who’s involved, what to expect before and during the event, and what she and Elaine are trying to achieve – in this seminar and in the industry.

This event is for anyone who is interested in hearing actual success stories from these major brands (United Airlines, Intel, Docusign, SalesForce, Cobalt) and especially for the decision-makers in any company.

Be sure to register for this half-day seminar early, as it is going to fill up fast, and make sure you stay for the whole event as you will have the opportunity to speak to the panelists between sessions for networking/information exchange!

Register here for: Solving Our Cybersecurity Talent Shortage

About Karen Worstell

Karen Worstell.png

W Risk Group LLC founder Karen Worstell, MS, MA is a cybersecurity expert who was inspired to study cybersecurity while a computer science grad student after her professor encrypted a final exam. She had to use her kit of code-breaking tools – and the rest, as they say, is history.

Learn more about Karen