Chats On The Road To Las Vegas 2018 | Black Hat, DEFCON, Hacking Diversity

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As part of ITSPmagazine's Las Vegas 2018 Conference coverage, our team will be hitting the road, so to speak, to connect with a number of the conference speakers, presenters and panelists.

During these conversations, we'll get a sneak peek into what they plan to share at the conferences we will be covering as well as a glimpse into their backgrounds and some additional insight on the topics they are interested in and that they'll discuss.

We'll use this chronicle to capture the conversations we have so you can find them all in one place. Bookmark this page and stay tuned for more conversations as we stop at various places along our journey to Las Vegas.


ITSPmagazine coverage, podcasts, webcasts, articles, and all our happenings coming to you from Las Vegas are made possible by the generosity of our sponsors. We are ever so grateful for your support.

Episode X

Black Hat 2018 Recap And A Look Into The Future | A Chat With Black Hat Events GM, Steve Wylie

In this post-Black Hat USA 2018 conversation, Steve Wylie talks with Sean Martin and Marco Ciappelli, giving the ITSPmagazine co-founders an overview of what happened in Las Vegas, what’s to come during the Black Hat Conferences around the world, and leading us back to USA 2019.

Here’s what we covered:

  • Some of the main highlights from BHUSA 2018.

  • What were the key learnings from the event; were there any shockers?

  • Did Steve find any experiences where people were walking the talk in connection with the previous year’s survey results? Did he see any noticeable deviations?

  • We touched on where people joined together to "do good" for the community.

  • We got a glimpse into BHEU, and a sneak peek into the crystal ball for BHUSA 2019.

Episode iX

IN Security's Progressive Code Of Conduct – Now With Consequences!

Selena Templeton chats with Jane Frankland, CISO Advisor, entrepreneur and best-selling author, Chad Loder, CEO of Habitu8, and Deidre Diamond, Founder of CyberSN and Brainbabe, about a progressive code of conduct for industry events that was created by the IN Security Movement and led by Jane.

After encountering women on the exhibition floor in red dresses that were more suitable for fancy galas than a professional InfoSec conference earlier this year (2018!), Jane led the IN Security Movement to create a progressive code of conduct for industry events that includes bullet points of what constitutes "unacceptable behavior" and the consequences of one's disrespectful or abusive behavior.

Episode VIII

Tips for Hacker Summer Camp Newcomers | Researchers Advice from Jason Haddix

Black Hat and DEF CON are research-driven, red-team oriented, and contain pen-testing rich content. Therefore, as one might expect, it attracts people from around the world who want to experience all that these events have to offer for these topics.

Sean Martin had a good long chat with Jason Haddix, VP of trust and security at Bugcrowd. They talk about the conference scene, the researcher community, and how to make the most of the trainings, presentations, and conversations.

In part one of the chat, Sean Martin asks Jason Haddix, VP of trust and security at Bugcrowd, what recommendations he would have for researchers that have not yet made their way to Hacker Summer Camp in Las Vegas.

Part two will be available on Tuesday the 7th of August ... so stay tuned!

Episode VII

Blue Team Village at DEFCON 26: Red Team, Put Up Your Dukes?

With a focus on the villages at DEF CON this year, Sean Martin and his co-host Selena Templeton spoke with Russell Mosley and Nolan Berry of the Blue Team Village to better understand the history of the village, what the village is all about, and what people can expect at this year’s DEF CON.

This is one of the first Blue Team Villages at a traditionally red team conference, and Russell and Nolan discuss why this is happening now, what’s changed.

Episode VI

AI Village: What Is AI Safety And How Can We Embrace And Prepare For Adversarial AI?

In today’s episode, Sean Martin is joined by co-host, Selena Templeton, and the two have the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Ariel Herbert-Voss and Sven Catell, organizers for this year’s inaugural AI village at DEF CON 26 in Las Vegas.

The AI Village will cover how machine learning and artificial intelligence can be used to protect our data-rich environments and how these models can be attacked.

Listen in to learn more about the AI Village and some of the sessions they have on tap.

Episode V

Ethics Village: What Is The Role Of Ethics In Technology And Society?

On today’s show, Sean Martin is joined by Dr. Imani Palmer, a researcher at the Information Trust Institute at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Jane Blanken-Webb, a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Information Trust Institute at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Today's topic is ethics. More specifically, ethics in technology. And even more specifically, ethics in cybersecurity. We discuss this topic in relation to the Ethics Village being organized at this year’s DEF CON conference in Las Vegas.

Episode IV

A Sneak Peek At Richard Thieme’s DEF CON 26 Talk: Strategies For Playing Through The Pain

I had the chance to chat with Richard Thieme, author and professional speaker who focuses on the deeper implications of technology, religion, and science for twenty-first century life. He will be giving a talk at DEF CON this year called “The Road to Resilience: How Real Hacking Redeems This Damnable Profession”(Now called "The Road to Resilience: Strategies for Playing Through the Pain".)

He has said, about the negative effects of being in the InfoSec or hacking space, that “the damage to us does not show up in brain scans. It shows up in our families, our relationships, and our lives.” In this podcast, he discusses some of the signs that can alert a person that he or she is starting to go down this dark path and how to seek help.

Episode III

Hacking Diversity through EQ and Allyship – with Deidre Diamond and Patrick Ford

Las Vegas conference week is coming up fast! As part of “Chats on the Road to Las Vegas,” which includes Black Hat, DEF CON, Bsides and Hacking Diversity – for which ITSPmagazine is a very proud official sponsor and media partner – Selena Templeton and Sean Martin spoke with Deidre Diamond, Founder and CEO of CyberSN as well as Founder of Brainbabe, and Patrick Ford, Founder of Patrick Ford Leadership Coaching, to get a sneak peek at the workshops they'll be leading at the Hacking Diversity conference in Las Vegas from August 9-12 in the Caesars Palace Tower.

On this short podcast, they share what they’ll be talking about at the conference – Deidre’s talk is Hack Your EQ ("emotional quotient") and Patrick’s is on allyship, particularly for white men – topics that are near and dear to their hearts and their work. They also give their two cents’ on what they think will make Hacking Diversity different from other conferences and events in cybersecurity and tech.

Episode II

Are Security Researchers Worried About Privacy? This And More With Black Hat Events GM, Steve Wylie

As part of our Las Vegas cybersecurity event coverage “Chats on the Road to Las Vegas,” ITSPmagazine talks with Black Hat Events GM Steve Wylie about the state of cybersecurity and what to expect at this year’s conference, from social engineering training sessions to workshops helping people deal with the stresses of this profession. He also shares some interesting findings from their 4th Black Hat Attendee Survey.


Episode I

An Introduction to the First Edition of the Hacking Diversity Event
Guest: Rose Hindman, Executive Director at Technology Diversified

Selena Templeton and Marco Ciappelli had a pleasant conversation with Rose Hindman, who is the founder and Executive Director of Technology Diversified.

But before we get to that, there is something you need to know.

ITSPmagazine is extraordinarily proud to be the official media partner of Hacking Diversity Las Vegas 2018.

For those of you who have been following us for the past two years, this partnership shouldn't come as a surprise. By now you are aware that diversity — and, specifically, DIVERSE IT — has always been center stage on this cybersecurity show that performs At The Intersection Of IT Security And Society.

As ITSPmagazine’s Diverse IT podcast host Selena Templeton says: “Finally, a conference about diversity that is actually diverse! We all know about the lack of diversity in the technology industry. These days everybody is talking about diversity and inclusion, but who is actually walking the talk? This conference focuses not just on gender and race, but gender identity, age, neurodiversity, returning to the workforce, invisible bias, ally skills and more.”

We know many of the people who brought this conference to life, who will be speaking at the event, and who will be there to meet and help all the diverse folks out there. We know that these professionals do walk that talk.

We are proudly and unapologetically walking that talk with them, and we invite you to join us in this wonderful and much-needed adventure.

The more, the merrier.
Only together can we make a difference.

So, let’s listen to what Rose has to say about Hacking Diversity in Las Vegas.

P.s. When you are done listening, go to the event page on ITSPmagazine to learn even more and register, it is free!…las-vegas-2018

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