Chats On The Road To Hacker Summer Camp 2019 | DEF CON 27 — Aviation Village | A Conversation With Pete Cooper

Chats On The Road To Hacker Summer Camp 2019 | DEF CON 27 — Aviation Village | A Conversation With Pete Cooper.jpeg

By Sean Martin &  Marco Ciappelli

During our Hacker Summer Camp 2019 coverage in Las Vegas, we connect with keynote speakers, presenters, panelists, organizers, and the InfoSec community to keep the conversation going. This is one of those chats.

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There continues to be an increased awareness and focus on ensuring the safety of society by protecting the digital assets of the critical infrastructure that supports our society. Last year, during DEF CON 26, we explored the ins-and-outs of the Car Hacking Village — a core element of the critical infrastructure, for sure.

This year, we stick with the transportation theme for this next chat and look under the hood of another new village introduced with this year’s installation of DEF CON 27 — the Aviation Village.

To help us understand how multiple parties can (and are) working together to understand the risks, how to mitigate them, and the challenges getting all of the cybersecurity dots connected throughout the entire ecosystem, we connected with one of the leaders of the Aviation Village, Pete Cooper.

Pete is a Cyber Strategy Advisor, for the International Air Transport Association (IATA), and a Nonresident Senior Fellow for the Atlantic Council. In addition to these two roles, Pete has done a ton of research and has published works in the area of aviation safety and security.

As noted by Pete during our chat: The aviation industry does a great job establishing a culture of physical safety and the we (the cybersecurity industry) would like to see a movement towards a similar culture for cybersecurity in the aviation industry.

It’s an interesting space to explore, to say the least. Join us for this chat with Pete and then connect with him and the rest of the Aviation Village team during DEF CON 27 in Las Vegas.