Changing The DevOps Culture By Shifting Security Left

Changing The DevOps Culture By Shifting Security Left.jpg

By Sean Martin

Three guests join Sean Martin on today’s episode: Tanya Janca (Microsoft), Nicole Becher {nikki} (NYU/NY-DFS), and Franziska Bühler (Swiss Post). While they are all hailing from different parts of the world, they come together (virtually) on a regular basis, focusing on helping engineering, operations and security teams establish a culture of business-driven security throughout the organization.

All three guests are active participants of OWASP—the Open Web Application Security Project—and co-founders and hosts of DevSlop. Don’t know what DevSlop is? Then have a listen to find out.

If you don’t know the way you learn, life is difficult.
— Tanya Janca
Watch DevSlop on YouTube

Watch DevSlop on YouTube

There’s a ton of great information, tips, and advice in this episode; a lot of it geared toward engineering, operations, and security teams. But, the reality is, some of the main points made during this discussion applies to anyone in any role.

Listen. Enjoy. Share.

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