The Moral Compass

Should The User Understand Technology Or Just Utilize It?

By Ashwin Krishnan | Host of The Moral Compass on The Cyber Society

Join us to understand how the psyche and upbringing of individuals based on geography and demographics has a fundamentally different mindset to technology than say a ‘born in the tech’ millennial. And what that means to us as solution providers and consumers as we are confronted with a billion tech styled tools in our ‘connected’ universe.

The Uber Driver Prefers To Take You To The Uber Mall For Some Uber Coffee – Thanks #NetNeutrality! Coming Soon?

By Ashwin Krishnan | Guest Host: The Cyber Society

There has been a lot of noise over the new Net Neutrality law and what it means to us as consumers, small/medium businesses, and large enterprises. In this new chronicle, Ashwin Krishnan sheds some light on this controversial topic based using an analogy that we all understand: our Uber rides. Love it or hate it you can’t ignore it.

The Cable Company Just Called And They Want To Lower Your Bill

By Ashwin Krishnan | Guest Host: The Cyber Society

There is room – both on the consumer and the enterprise side – to become the Zappos, Patagonia brands of the security industry – brands that have a loyal following because of their extreme customer centricity. And now with extensive datasets and machine learning technologies available, it is time to use this not just for upsell but also for ethical sell.

The Influencing Power Of The Digital Hub Economies Is Only Just Starting To Become More Evident

By Ashwin Krishnan | Guest Host: The Cyber Society

The influencing power of the hub economies such as Facebook, Google, etc., is only just starting to become more evident — at least to the general populace. The influence of the Russian targeted ads and the related misinformation that, lately, have shaped our thinking is one of those prominent and revealing examples that influenced as much as 126 million US voters.

Privacy? The Key Problem Here Is Not The ‘Amazon Key’

By Ashwin Krishnan | Guest Host: The Cyber Society

There's been furor about the release of 'Amazon Key' - but are we worrying about and getting upset about the wrong things that could be stolen? One could argue that we've already surrendered our prize possessions. Do you agree? Do you even know what we're talking about?

Why Consumer Awareness Matters More Than Ever

By Ashwin Krishnan | Guest Host: The Cyber Society

When we need instant digital gratification, do we care what rights we are giving up? What about our privacy? We know the answer. The real questions are, 'do we care?' and 'why not?'

Privacy, Big Data, And The Right To Be Forgotten

By Ashwin Krishnan | Guest Host: The Cyber Society

Don't I need to be remembered before I can be forgotten? Listen to Dennis Zimmer, from Opvizor, and Aswhwin Krishnan, guest host for ITSPmagazine's The Moral Compass, as they dig into this discussion in full force. Enjoy!

The 'Moral Compass' Podcast Series is Coming!

By Ashwin Krishnan | Guest Host: The Moral Compass

I have always been fascinated by the dilemma that we as human beings face when we encounter a situation that demands action but there is no easy or obvious answer to the same. My second highest viewed and commented blog of all time on LinkedIn explored this topic here – that was a very personal incident and one where I made a few right choices and one bad one!

Now we extend this dilemma to the machine age where we have bots taking over for us and making decisions on our behalf.