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Chats on the Road to RSAC 2019 | Connecting The Dots For The Future | With John Chambers, Mike Fong, And Vijay Balasubramaniyan

By Sean Martin | Co-host Marco Ciappelli

In today’s chat, Marco Ciappelli and Sean Martin speak with John Chambers, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, JC2 Ventures, Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Cisco, Mike Fong, Founder and CEO at Privoro, and Vijay Balasubramaniyan, CEO at Pindrop. Together, the group discusses their role during RSA Conference, how corporations can balance security innovation with security operations, and the opportunity and impact new ventures can have on society.

Chats On The Road To RSAC 2019 | Why Industrial IoT Security Is Really about Saving Lives | With Galina Antova and Emily Miller

By Sean Martin | Co-host Marco Ciappelli

In this podcast we spoke with two experts deeply entrenched in the world of industrial control systems and critical infrastructure. Galina Antova and Emily Miller join Sean Martin and Marco Ciappelli to give us a view of the state of security for this slice of society while connecting the dots to their RSA Conference panel, Why Industrial IoT Security Is Really about Saving Lives.

Chats On The Road To RSAC 2019 | From Dystopia to Opportunity: Stories from the Future of Cybersecurity | With Keren Elazari and Amit Elazari

By Sean Martin and Marco Ciappelli

In this podcast we get to know two fantastic women in the cybersecurity community: a friendly hacker and a lawyer, who also happen to be sisters whose individual careers have inspired one another. We hope that they will inspire many young people to pursue their passion and hopefully a career in InfoSec, as a hacker, as a lawyer, as a psychologist, as a researcher, or whatever their dream may be.

The Many Flavors Of SAST, DAST, IAST, WAFs, And RASP

By Sean Martin, host of At The Edge

Nollaig Heffernan and Sean Martin weave, swerve and blast their way through a number of application security technologies looking at the history of the marketplace, the expansion of the technologies, how things stay the same even with the massive changes in continuous delivery and continuous integration.

It's Your Community. Let's Work Together To Make It Better.

By Sean Martin

In today’s conversation, Candy Alexander from ISSA International and Jon Oltsik from ESG share how important their 3rd annual global survey on the life and times of cybersecurity professionals is to the InfoSec community, who should get involved, and how the coming findings can help the community help each other to make for a better experience as we all fight the good InfoSec fight.

Cyber Snake Oil: A Slippery Panel Discussion

Are you tired of the same old stories from the InfoSec vendors? This panel of givers and receivers should make you chuckle as they tell their stories of success and failures in cybersecurity solution sales. Don’t drink the snake oil too fast!

Aaron Guzman | Andrew Robbins | Christine Tang (Panda) | Rohan Vazarkar

Michael Schell

We're Stronger Together, Especially When We Help Each Other Understand

By Sean Martin, host of At The Edge

Barry Lowry talks about his 3-part role as the CIO for Ireland:

  1. Delivering government digital services to its citizens and businesses

  2. Using digitalization as a means to grow the economy and GDP

  3. Being a responsible electronically-connected member of the EU

Are IoT Security Concerns Stupid? Not So Fast! Here's The Top 10 IoT Hall Of Shame for 2018

By Sean Martin, host of At The Edge

Arthur Hicken gives us an updated top 10 “IoT Hall of Shame” list of connected device vulnerabilities ranging from cameras to medical devices and from teddy bears to musical instruments (plus a few honorable mentions). Take a listen to find out what Arthur has uncovered during his research!

Securing The Internet Is Our Shared Responsibility | NCSAM 2018

Give our dedicated focus on covering stories sitting at the intersection of IT security and society, it should come as no surprise that, at ITSPmagazine, we believe wholeheartedly in cybersecurity awareness. Therefore, as you might imagine, appreciate the awareness and education surrounding the month of October in what is called National Cyber Security Awareness Month, or NCSAM.

Do You Know What A State-Run ‘HIE’ Is? Me Neither, But Gerard Knows.

By Sean Martin, host of At The Edge

In this part 1 of our 2-part podcast, Gerard Scheitlin from Orion Health looks at the state-run health information exchanges (HIEs) and how patient data is collected, accessed, and shared, giving us some insight into how population health and precision medicine are provided through their leveraging of these systems. The big question is, are we as patients automatically opting in to share our personal health information with the state (and federal) government?

Should The User Understand Technology Or Just Utilize It?

By Ashwin Krishnan | Host of The Moral Compass on The Cyber Society

Join us to understand how the psyche and upbringing of individuals based on geography and demographics has a fundamentally different mindset to technology than say a ‘born in the tech’ millennial. And what that means to us as solution providers and consumers as we are confronted with a billion tech styled tools in our ‘connected’ universe.

The Net-Neutrality And What It Means To You And Me

By Ashwin Krishnan | Guest Host: The Cyber Society

With the new net-neutrality rules finally in play, there is a lot of fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Looking at this from a security perspective, Ashwin Krishnan suggests a re-title for an article from 2010: ‘The Internet is dead. Long live the big 7 and their intermediaries.’

Health Records Should Belong To Patients

By Sean Martin, host of At The Edge and An InfoSec Life

What does a healthcare record include? It’s becoming much more than pure health information; it’s becoming a full-on genetics + socio-economical record as well. With all of the information captured as part of our medical history the following questions emerge: What benefits can we expect? How does it change the way the healthcare ecosystem operates? What risks does society face having all of this information stored and made accessible electronically? Gerard Scheitlin, the Chief Risk Officer and chief of security, risk and assurance for Orion Health, explores this topic with us.

The Influencing Power Of The Digital Hub Economies Is Only Just Starting To Become More Evident

By Ashwin Krishnan | Guest Host: The Cyber Society

The influencing power of the hub economies such as Facebook, Google, etc., is only just starting to become more evident — at least to the general populace. The influence of the Russian targeted ads and the related misinformation that, lately, have shaped our thinking is one of those prominent and revealing examples that influenced as much as 126 million US voters.

Bugs Or Plain Stupidity? Welcome To The 2017 IoT Hall Of Shame | Top 10

By Sean Martin, host of At The Edge and An InfoSec Life

If its a thing that once upon a time was just a thing and later became a digital thing so it could do things in a smart way and later gets connected to the web to then become an internet of thing - its probably in the hall of shame. To give us an idea of what security researchers are seeing, Sean Martin is joined by Arthur Hicken to talk through the Top 10 for 2017. There may even be a few honorable mentions in there as well.

Are We Doing Enough To Protect Health Records?

By Sean Martin, host of At The Edge and An InfoSec Life

Health data is some of the most important, sensitive, and valuable information available. This information is critical in providing health services, of course, but is also valuable in other ways; for criminal and fraudulent purposes. The question is, are we doing enough as an industry to help protect this data from all aspects of the security CIA triad? Gerard Scheitlin, the Chief Risk Officer and chief of security, risk and assurance for Orion Health, explores this topic with us.

Why Consumer Awareness Matters More Than Ever

By Ashwin Krishnan | Guest Host: The Cyber Society

When we need instant digital gratification, do we care what rights we are giving up? What about our privacy? We know the answer. The real questions are, 'do we care?' and 'why not?'

Privacy, Big Data, And The Right To Be Forgotten

By Ashwin Krishnan | Guest Host: The Cyber Society

Don't I need to be remembered before I can be forgotten? Listen to Dennis Zimmer, from Opvizor, and Aswhwin Krishnan, guest host for ITSPmagazine's The Moral Compass, as they dig into this discussion in full force. Enjoy!

Humans vs. Bots Online Battle - Most Of The Time We Lose

By Sean Martin, host of At The Edge

Bots are controlling online sites all over the world: from ticket sales to social media to consumer gaming sites. Sometimes humans benefit from it (such as game cheats), but most of the time humans get screwed. Kevin Gosschalk from FunCaptcha shares a few stories they have seen.