Black Hat’s Newest Research: The Cyber Threat In Europe

Black Hat’s newest research- The Cyber Threat In Europe.jpg

By Steve Wylie, General Manager, Black Hat

Black Hat Europe’s first-ever research report entitled, The Cyber Threat In Europe, details major concerns among the InfoSec community including critical infrastructure security, nation state attacks, enterprise security risks, and the implications of the NIS Directive and GDPR requirements. The report data is an urgent call to planners in government and the wider industry to adequately fund cybersecurity initiatives and ensure that regulatory mandates and compliance efforts are properly aligned with security imperatives. The report was compiled from a September 2017 attendee survey of nearly 130 IT and security professionals from more than 15 European countries. Black Hat gathered responses to gauge the attitudes and plans of one of the IT security industry’s most experienced and highly trained audiences: attendees of the Black Hat Europe conference.