Black Hat USA 2019 Event Coverage | A Conversation With Stephanie “Snow” Carruthers

Black Hat 2019 Event Coverage | A conversation with Snow [_sn0ww].jpg

By Marco Ciappelli & Sean Martin

During our Hacker Summer Camp 2019 coverage in Las Vegas, we connect with keynote speakers, presenters, panelists, organizers, and the InfoSec community to keep the conversation going. This is one of those chats.

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Next time you think that a social engineer is a social media expert or a criminal of some sort, do me a favor and look at yourself in the mirror — chances are you won't see either. One thing that you will see is a social engineer; all humans are social engineers—it is in our nature, and we are damn good at it.

Do you know who else is good at social engineering you? Our dogs. If you have one, I am sure you can validate this hypothesis; but this will be a conversation for another evening sitting around a campfire.

For this podcast, we will only discuss humans and how, in one way or another, we all are—at the same time—con artists and victims. Some are better than others—and some are, well, some are REALLY good at it. Some are so good that they make a profession out of it. They test companies' and peoples' resistance to physical, digital, and psychological breaches. They examine and push the limits of manipulation, intending to make us more secure. This is especially true in this cyber society of ours where the possibilities of falling victim to such 'attacks' are far more often and even more efficient than what they used to be.

I happen to know some of the more skilled social engineers in the cybersecurity industry, and during Hacker Summer Camp 2019, Sean Martin and I were invited to meet one of the best.

You probably know her. She goes by the handle @_sn0ww. This is her story.

Do you want to hear it? Of course, you do. No, really, you do. You don’t want to be the only one not listening to it, do you?

Go ahead, type your in your SSN, and click play... 🔥😇😈🔥