As An Industry We’ve Created A Disease That Afflicts The Users. It's Called Security Fatigue.


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By Sean Martin & Selena Templeton

In today’s episode, Sean Martin is joined by co-host Selena Templeton and they have the pleasure of speaking with Chad Loder and Jason Hoenich from Habitu8. Today’s chat is all about insanity in the world of cybersecurity: in many areas of the industry, we keep trying to do the same thing over and over in the hopes of getting a different result.

One such example comes with user awareness training. It’s insane to expect the users to understand security and remember all the ever-changing rules. We attempt to train them on the rules, but then we tend to cram too much in to the time we allocate for the training. Their brains just can't absorb what we throw at them, so is it any wonder that they get overwhelmed and stop trying?

Chad and Jason talk us through this and a number of other things that are making all of us – the practitioners, defenders, and users – tired. And even a bit insane.

Notable Quotes

Citizens should be able to do their work and interact with their friends online without living in fear for being hacked all the time.
— Chad
If a single user can take down your network, your network sucks.
— Selena
As an industry, we’ve created a disease for the users. It’s called security fatigue.
— Jason

If that doesn't seem like insanity, then maybe this does: In effect, we are treating humans like any other security asset that we need to manage. We're trying to patch them with a new learning module when it comes out.

We all know how well patching works...
— Sean

Before you get too tired, let's dig in with Chad and Jason to see how we can stop the insanity! 

About Chad Loder


Chad is a security industry pioneer. As the former co-founder and VP of Engineering at Rapid7, Chad helped develop a family of cyber-security products that are still used in 120 countries today – an impressive portfolio that helped take the company from a private startup to a successful $900 MM IPO. These days, Chad combines startup agility with strong beliefs in culture and communication to revolutionize how Habitu8’s family of clients learn about and train for better security.

Find Chad on Twitter: @ChadLoder

About Jason Hoenich


Jason’s the guy behind world-class awareness programs used by mom-and-pop companies like Walt Disney and Sony Pictures Entertainment, as well as the creator of Habitu8’s wildly popular and infectiously funny Hashtag Awareness ® video series. His oratory prowess has made him a hot ticket on the security awareness circuit but his talents reach far beyond the realm of coveted public speaker.

Find Jason on Twitter: @JasonHoenich