AppSec Cali 2018 overview. It was sold out and awesome

AppSec Cali 2018 overview. It was sold out and awesome.jpg

By Selena Templeton and Marco Ciappelli

AppSec Cali 2018 Overview

Sitting at an outdoor table gazing out at the beach with palm trees silhouetted by a pink and orange sunset in 78-degree “winter” weather...not a bad way to attend a conference!

The AppSec Cali Team

I am, of course, talking about the 5th Annual AppSec California, brought to you by Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). Every year it gets better and better and in fact, it sold out several weeks in advance (so remember to register early next year!).
One of the benefits of being a smaller conference (about 600 attendees) is that the InfoSec professionals, developers, pen testers and QA folks who attend each year find that networking and catching up is much easier with old colleagues and new friends.

Conference highlights included the welcome address from OWASP Chapter Leader Richard Greenberg, a session from Edgescan’s Founder/CEO Eoin Keary and COO Rahim Jina about “Project Edgeguard,” an open framework that allows you to detect malicious content, a women in security panel, closing keynote from Cory Doctorow (Science Fiction Author, Activist and Journalist), and a beautiful poolside reception under the stars.

Keynote Speaker Cory Doctorow

ITSPmagazine’s Marco Ciappelli and Selena Templeton were on hand to talk to conference attendees and speakers about what stood out most for them at AppSec Cali 2018, and what it means nowadays - as a professional - to be “at the intersection of IT Security and Society.” We’ve compiled some of our conversations into a quick “highlights reel” podcast for you.

Enjoy, share, and follow Appsec Cali on Twitter, or join their Linkedin group to know when 2019 event tickets will be available. We promise you, it will sell out again.

This was our goodbye view. Thank you, California! 


How was AppSec Cali 2018?
We asked Richard Greenberg and Cassio Goldschmidt.

The looked pretty happy, we guess that it went well! 😉

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AppSec Cali 2018 Keynotes 


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