An InfoSec Life | A Conversation With Chris Cochran

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By Sean Martin & Marco Ciappelli

Welcome to a new episode of An InfoSec Life.

Sometimes the decisions we make in life seem to carry an aura of predetermination and finality; feelings that bring so much weight on those moments of a young person's life. It might be the sport we play or the instrument we perform with and into which we pour so much time and energy. Or, it could be the academic path we choose, our friends, our first job, our dates, and our overall our social life.

As we progress through life, we often hear or say that if we could foresee the future — "if. I only knew back then what I know now" — we could have been so much more efficient in walking to and through all the milestones leading us toward that ideal happy place for which we all strive.

What if, instead, we give a bit more creed to our capacity to be in control of our destiny and take responsibility — and credit — for it.

What if we had the luxury of looking ahead to see that, in fact, those hard — sometimes painful — decisions were the input for that specific action we needed to take to find ourself on the path we are on. What may have seemed like a sacrifice at the time could prove to be a blessing in disguise.

This view probably isn't different to one that you've heard before; even if it was presented differently. I am not claiming to be a philosopher, but I heard stories, and all of them make me think — in one way or another — and here I challenge you with a slightly different way of thinking about this; here, I am sharing my view for how to live a successful InfoSec Life inspired by this conversation with Chris Cochran as part of our An InfoSec Life podcast series:

What if you don't look at loss or trade-offs when making important decisions? What if you look ahead into the direction you are taking and the beauty that the future holds if you keep on that path. Because change is, in the end, the only constant and we need to be ready to welcome and pursue it.

We would never be who we are now if anything in the past was even slightly different — yes, a side reference to the butterfly effect. Why not!?

Rather than digging deep into what we discussed, I will leave you with this thought and a recommendation to listen in to how Chris has lived his life, how he entered the field of InfoSec from a path that might not sound so typical — but again: what is typical anyway?

Chris is doing way more than living his life though; he is giving back to the community in any and every way he can such that everyone with whom he connects can focus on the future … and live without fear or regret —like a happy, healthy, successful, InfoSec professional.

This is our wish you all!