Alex Horan Describes The Risks Small And Medium Business Face Using Cloud-Based Systems


Many small and medium business leverage the cloud to enable their business - and a good number of those companies are using cloud-based ERP systems to operate their business. Moving the cloud, however, doesn’t mean the risk of a cyberattack is eliminated. Organizations need to recognize that regardless of where the systems are located and how they are being used, they need to be configured properly, updated regularly, and monitored for misuse, abuse, and compromise. Why is this important? Because small and medium businesses face a lot of risk when it comes to security, and are oftentimes paralyzed due to a lack of knowledge… assuming they are even aware of the risk in the first place. During this interview, Sean Martin chats with Alex Horan, Director of Product Management for Onapsis, where they discuss the fact that small and medium sized business are a target as a category…the risk is real and the results of a successful cyberattack could be catastrophic to their business. Companies may not realize what types of data are sitting in the cloud services they are using, nor what the risks are to that data. Join us for this special SMB series of podcasts, where, in this episode specifically, Horan shares a few tips to help get small businesses off and running.