AI Village: What Is AI Safety And How Can We Embrace And Prepare For Adversarial AI?


By Sean Martin, host of At The Edge

This podcast episode is part of our Las Vegas cybersecurity event coverage called “Chats on the Road to Las Vegas”, which, of course, is centered around the extremely popular cybersecurity research and hacker events, Black Hat and DEF CON.

In today’s episode, Sean Martin is joined by co-host, Selena Templeton, and the two have the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Ariel Herbert-Voss and Sven Catell, organizers for this year’s inaugural AI village at DEF CON 26 in Las Vegas.

The AI Village will cover how machine learning and artificial intelligence can be used to protect our data-rich environments and how these models can be attacked.

  • What happens when an assumption of anonymity is no longer true?
  • What is AI safety?
  • What are AI-driven bots?
  • How do AI ethics fit in to our world of InfoSec?
  • How do we prepare for adversarial AI?

Listen in to learn more about the AI Village and some of the sessions they have designed to answer these questions, and more.


About Ariel Herbert-Voss


Ariel is a PhD student at Harvard University, where she specializes in deep learning, cybersecurity, and mathematical optimization. Like many machine learning researchers, she spent plenty of time thinking about deep learning from a computational neuroscience point of view without realizing that skulls make biological neural networks a lot less hackable than artificial ones. Now she thinks about securing machine learning algorithms and offensive applications.

Find Ariel on Twitter: @adversariel



About Sven Cattell


Sven got his Ph.D. in algebraic topology from Johns Hopkins University and immediately jumped the pure math ship to machine learning. He completed a postdoc in mathematical machine learning working on geometric interpretations of deep learning systems and then left academia completely to work at Endgame. He's been going to DEFCON for a few years and started AI Village with others who wanted to make a home there for other AI aficionados.

Find Sven on Twitter: @comathematician