AI And Automating Intuition Can Complement Human Workers - A Conversation With Monica Jain

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By Selena Templeton

Monica Jain, Chief Product Officer and Co-founder of LogicHub, chats with Selena Templeton, host of Diverse IT on ITSPmagazine, about AI/machine learning and how automating intuition can complement human workers, the catalyst behind founding her own company, and what we can do to expose more children to the world of cybersecurity in school.

In my conversation with Monica, we kick things off by discussing whether AI is going to make humans obsolete and how we can use machine learning to complement humans’ work, including automating intuition. In every dialogue I have about this topic, I always ask about unconscious bias in AI and my fear that it will get embedded into the machine learning process – so of course we talk about this, too.

Monica chats about the moment she knew she wanted to get into cybersecurity – when she realized that she was passionate about making sense out of data – and the catalyst behind deciding to found her own company. After hundreds of conversations with organizations struggling to stay ahead of new emerging threats, she co-founded LogicHub to help CISOs sleep better. There were, of course, challenges and obstacles that she encountered when launching her company, from leaving her job to take a chance, to getting financing, to building her team, but her story includes a lot of support and inspiration.

Because of her overall positive experience from her childhood to her education to her career, we end on a positive note about encouraging young people, particularly girls, to explore the wide world of STEM. We need to expose them to the options at a young age so that they at least know that cyber is out there.

So tune in to hear my full conversation with Monica Jain. I hope you enjoy it!

About Monica Jain

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Monica Jain is Chief Product Officer and Co-founder of LogicHub and is a veteran of the security industry with over 15 years of experience in SIEM and Cloud Security. She worked at ArcSight for over 10 years, culminating in managing the flagship SIEM product portfolio. She saw the company grow from zero revenue to IPO, and ultimately acquired by HP for $1.5B. Monica is driven by a zeal for advancing cybersecurity from its current state of information overload. After hundreds of conversations with organizations struggling to stay ahead of new emerging threats, Monica co-founded LogicHub™ to help CISOs sleep better.

In addition to ArcSight, Monica was previously the Director of Product Management at CipherCloud where she created and managed the Cloud Security Analytics product division. She has experience in creating new products at startups as well as managing mature product lines at large public companies. Monica earned her Masters in Computer Science degree as well as worked as a researcher at Stanford University and Carnegie Institute of Washington.

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