(ISC)² Security Congress

View some of the top-rated recorded sessions from (ISC)² Security Congress featuring a variety of hot topics within information security.  Also see what's new with Security Congress. (ISC)² members earn 1 CPE per webinar.

(ISC)² Security Briefings

A 60-minute webinar that provides an opportunity for attendees to take a "deep dive" into a topic by listening to a multi-part webinar series on a subject over a short period of time. Immerse yourself in a topic and hear how an industry expert approaches solving the issue being discussed. (ISC)² members earn 1 CPE per webinar.

(ISC)² Think Tank

A 60-minute roundtable webinar where influential security experts present and debate on a range of thought-leadership topics surrounding today’s most pressing security challenges and take a deeper look at how they relate to a particular industry or region.  (ISC)² members earn 1 CPE per webinar.

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